Dottie Rambo Homegoing DVD

You can purchase a copy of Dottie Rambo’s Homegoing Celebration for a $15 donation at the following link:

But HURRY! The deadline for ordering is July 31, 2008.

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Dottie Rambo Beholds Him Face to Face

March 2, 1934 – May 11, 2008

Dottie Rambo, unparalleled singer-songwriter, woman of God, and one of my personal heroes, went to be with Jesus early this Mothers Day morning. One of my longtime friends and personal friend of the Rambos called me this morning to tell me the news. As I write, I am still in shock.

I knew I needed to hear some Rambo music immediately, so I put on The Rambos’ Greatest Hits CD while I was getting ready. The music was Dottie’s testimony, and it gave honor to her Lord. Virtually every song in the track listing proclaimed a message that is as timely and applicable today as it was the day she penned the anointed lyrics and sang the lovely melodies: We Shall Behold Him, I’ve Never Been This Homesick Before, The Holy Hills of Heaven Call Me, He Looked Beyond My Fault and Saw My Need, Tears Will Never Stain the Streets of that City, I Call Him Lord, New Shoes, Build My Mansion Next Door to Jesus, Remind Me Dear Lord, and Behold the Lamb. I got my first Singing Rambos album when I was eleven years old, and I turn fifty this year. So you see how long these great songs have been a part of my life. Dottie wrote songs about mountains and valleys and Mama, but more than anything she wrote songs about Jesus.

Dottie, we love you and miss you! But you fulfilled God’s call on your life and left a great legacy in song that will continue to minister to millions for years to come.


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Two Great Ladies! Two Women of God! Two Heroes!

I’m busy painting my house, so I can’t write much now, but I wanted everyone who loves Tammy Faye and Dottie Rambo to see the pictures on Dottie’s site before they take them down. I especially love the picture of Dottie praying for Tammy. I believe it was taken at a concert in California not too long ago. I’ll write more about these great ladies and many more of my heroes later on.

Here is the link to Dottie’s site:

And Tammy Faye’s site:

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Hairspray . . . You Can’t Stop the Beat!


I went to see Hairspray all by myself this week. April didn’t think she would like it. Her loss! She missed a great movie and a chance to spend some quality time with her favorite cousin.

I’m not a dancer, but it was hard to keep my feet still. The music was so catchy with an infectious upbeat rhythm. Love that 60s sound! Since Hairspray was non-stop fun, there probably won’t be any heavy discussions on this movie like there was with Sicko. Not to say that there was no controversy in the film, there was, but it was part of the story. With its civil rights theme, the movie would have been very controversial in 1962.

Before Hairspray was a movie it was a musical on Broadway . . . .

And before Hairspray was on Broadway it was another movie. Now that movie is a DVD. You can get it for $8.88 with free shipping at I’ve already seen it, but I just ordered my own copy, and no I’m not getting a kickback. I just love great prices and free shipping.

Note of Interest: Ricki Lake played Tracy Turnblad in the 1988 movie, and she makes a cameo as a talent agent in the new movie.

. . . ‘Cause you can’t stop
The motion of the ocean
Or the rain from above
They can try to stop ths paradise
We’re dreaming of
But you cannot stop the rhythm
Of two hearts in love to stay
You can’t stop the beat!

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