Thanks to the kindness and advice of a gentle, more experienced blogger, it is no longer necessary to navigate through the Nathan’s Uncle blog to locate a link to my favorite books. The link to my favorite books cataloged at can now be found in my blogroll listed in the sidebar, or you can just click here.

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I recently found an amazing site called LibraryThing. com. It is a comprehensive site with many features related to books. Although it is possible to catalog your complete library, I plan to catalog just my favorite books. At the moment I only have a few titles listed, but I plan to work on it over the next few days to make the list more inclusive.

I had planned to link to my account through a sidebar widget on this site, then I discovered, after choosing WordPress as the host for this site, that it does not allow live links using JavaScript. Fortunately,, where my Nathan’s Uncle blog is hosted, does allow JavaScript links. I guess isn’t as computer savvy as WordPress. (Yes, you do detect a note of sarcasm in my voice.) So for now you will have to go in the back door to access my library.

To access Howard’s favorite books listed at, click my Nathan’s Uncle blog link and skim down to the My Library heading. Click on the “my library” link to access my catalog. If you click on any of the book covers it will take you to an Amazon page.

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