Thanks to Bloggers in the Forum, I Can Embed Video!

I remember thinking when I started my blogs that it would be cool to embed video clips in my posts. The WordPress FAQs are not that helpful for us novice bloggers, so I thought I would research the topic on the WordPress Forum. I immediately found a post by imnotmarah (whose blog has recently been deleted) that gave a simple explanation how to embed YouTube video. As a result, I took my first foray into HTML code. The explanation in the post said it was “very, very easy,” to do, and it WAS!

I was also having some problems with paragraph spacing and text justification on my Hairspray post. So while I was still in HTML mode I took a moment, and by slowly examining the code I was able to figure out how to remedy those issues, too. The result of my work is that I was able to embed the Hairspray trailer in the new post, fix my paragraphing and justification issues, and I went back and added the Sicko trailer to the original post. In the process I lost some of my fear of HTML.

Here’s a shout out to all the WordPress bloggers who take time to share the knowledge they’ve acquired by trial and error with us newbies on the Forum!

Published in: on August 4, 2007 at 12:30 pm  Comments (4)